June 19, 2024


Niskanen Center
FERC Considers Interregional Transfer Requirements
In a workshop, FERC commissioners and stakeholders debated the pros and cons of requiring minimum transfer capability between regions to promote reliability.
California Runs on Fumes but Avoids Blackouts
CAISO came dangerously close to ordering rotating outages Tuesdas demand hit a record high, but it managed to scrape by thanks to conservation efforts.
Counterflow: Winter Ain’t Over Yet
Steve Huntoon says grid operators should apply lessons learned from the Texas outages to ensure the lights stay on through the rest of winter.
Exelon to Split Tx, Generation Businesses
Exelon plans to separate its regulated transmission and distribution utilities from its merchant power generation business.
Texas PUC Turns Focus to Customer Bills
The Texas PUC issued a set of orders intended to protect Texas electricity customers and prevent possible disconnections for non-payment.
CAISO Provides More Details on Blackouts
CAISO and the California PUC and Energy Commission explained to Gov. Gavin Newsom why the state had two days of rolling blackouts recently.
CAISO Blames Blackouts on Inadequate Resources, CPUC
CAISO said millions of residents could be blacked out this week because it does not have enough power to meet demand during the heat wave.
CAISO: Blackouts May Continue, Calls Emergency Meetings
CAISO declared a Stage 3 emergency, ordering rolling blackouts across the service territories of the state's three big investor-owned utilities.

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