June 21, 2024

BloombergNEF (BNEF)

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BNEF Summit: Oil, Gas Execs Argue for Key Role in Energy Transition
A series of presentations and panels at the BloombergNEF Summit provided a measure of the industry’s success in crafting a narrative based on a balanced and well-paced transition that includes cutting egregious emissions and scaling carbon capture and storage technologies. 
BNEF Summit Focuses on Financing Energy Transition, Fast and Slow
Global investment in passenger electric vehicles was up 36% in 2023, investment in energy storage jumped 77%, and investment in carbon capture and storage nearly doubled.
BCSE Factbook: Federal Incentives Can’t Solve All Clean-tech Challenges

The momentum created by billions of dollars in federal incentives and tax credits has been tempered by supply chain constraints and the impacts of inflation and higher interest rates.

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Offshore Wind: Analyst Addresses Industry’s Growing Pains
BloombergNEF offshore wind analyst Chelsea Jean-Michel said there's reason for optimism for the industry in the United States, once it overcomes its growing pains.
BCSE Factbook: Clean Energy Transition ‘Hardwired’ in US Economy
The U.S. clean energy transition hit new highs in 2022 in terms of renewable energy and storage deployed, says the Business Council for Sustainable Energy.
Low-carbon Propulsion is Changing Aviation
Commercial aviation can be carbon-free, say engineers and commercial airline planners who see the changes coming first in smaller electric aircraft.
Can the US Deliver Competitive Batteries?
Our Next Energy, Lyten and Natron Energy explained their new battery technologies and growth plans at BloombergNEF’s the annual summit.
BNEF: Net-zero Targets Only Limit Climate Change to 1.77 Degrees
Transportation electrification is the key theme at the BNEF Summit in San Francisco, and CEO Jon Moore opened the event with what's driving the transition.
EPA, EIA, BloombergNEF
BNEF: 2021 a ‘Blockbuster Year’ for Clean Energy Investment
Investments in wind, solar, storage and EVs soared last year, even as U.S. GHG emissions rose, according to annual reports by EIA and BloombergNEF.

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