June 13, 2024

building codes

DOE Building Energy Codes Program
DOE Awards $90 Million for More Efficient, Resilient Building Codes
Heat waves with triple-digit temperatures across the U.S. underline the critical role building codes can play in making buildings more energy efficient and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
Massachusetts Legislators Reach Deal on Clean Energy Bill
Massachusetts legislators passed a compromise bill that includes a heavy offshore wind focus and provisions to boost EVs, green buildings and renewable energy.
Opinion Dynamics
California Study Takes Read on Heat Pump Views
A California study examines what it will take to encourage residents — and builders — to adopt heat pump appliances.
Healey Focuses on Climate in Mass. Gubernatorial Race
Maura Healey is focusing on climate in the race to replace Charlie Baker as Massachusetts governor.
Mass. Net-zero Building Code Proposal Faces Barrage of Criticism
Many are disappointed that a proposed net-zero building code for Massachusetts does not allow municipalities to ban fossil-fuels in new construction.
Hawthorn Builders
Massachusetts Legislators Call for Fossil Fuel Ban in Net-zero Building Code
Massachusetts legislators say that allowing fossil fuel heating in new buildings under a proposed net-zero building code does not make sense.
DOE: Building Codes Key to Net-zero Economy
Updating building codes is “one of the easiest things we can do" to reduce emissions, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said at a DOE conference.

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