December 10, 2023

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

TransCanyon LLC
‘Missing Pathway’ Advancing Through Approval Steps in West

The proposed Cross-Tie transmission project is moving through the federal approval process with a targeted in-service date in 2027.

Bureau of Land Management
BLM to Consider Changes to Western Transmission Corridors
The Bureau of Land Management is seeking public input on potential changes to about 673 miles of seven designated transmission corridors.
Ormat Technologies
Nevada Geothermal Auction Fetches $1M for BLM
As part of its efforts to lease land for renewable energy production, the Bureau of Land Management auctioned leases for 33 geothermal parcels in Nevada.
BLM Holds Record-breaking Solar Auction in Nevada
The Bureau of Land Management auctioned four parcels in the Amargosa Desert in southern Nevada for solar development, raising a record-breaking $105 million.
BLM Seeks to Slash Fees for Solar, Wind on Public Land

The U.S. Department of Interior has a plan to empower BLM to cut fees for solar and wind projects on public lands in the West.

SouthWestern Power Group
Regional AC Tx Line Approved in Parallel to SunZia
The BLM’s record of decision for Pattern Energy’s SunZia transmission line was also the final major approval needed for SouthWestern Power Group’s RioSol line.
Pattern Energy
SunZia Project Wins Final Approval, Signs Offtakers
BLM approves SunZia project, which will send wind power from New Mexico to Arizona for customers there and in California.
TransWest Express
TransWest Express to Break Ground After BLM Approval
Developers of the Western Interconnection’s largest transmission project in decades can begin construction after getting the go-ahead from the BLM.
Department of the Interior
BLM Launches Public Meetings for Western Solar Plan Update
The Bureau of Land Management is updating its Western Solar Plan to increase renewable energy on public lands in the West, adding five states to the plan.
Pattern Energy
SunZia Transmission OK’d by Ariz. Regulators
Arizona regulators granted a key approval to the SunZia Transmission project, which would deliver wind energy from central New Mexico into Arizona.

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