June 17, 2024

buyer-side mitigation (BSM)
NYISO Management Committee Briefs: June 14, 2022
NYISO’s Management Committee received an update from FERC on the commission’s recent areas of interest.
FERC Partially Accepts NYISO BSM Compliance Filing
FERC on Thursday accepted NYISO’s proposal to implement its revised buyer-side market power mitigation rules for the current class year.
FERC Reverses Itself on NYISO BSM Exemptions
FERC accepted revisions to NYISO’s buyer-side market power mitigation measures designed to prioritize evaluating New York state-subsidized resources.
ISO-NE Internal Market Monitor
Monitor, Merchants Challenge ISO-NE Plan to Eliminate MOPR
Merchant generators joined ISO-NE’s Internal Market Monitor in warning that the RTO’s proposal to eliminate MOPR will suppress prices.
Analysis Group
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: Nov. 9, 2021
The NYISO Business Issues Committee voted to recommend that the Management Committee approve changes to certain rules and market procedures.
NYISO Looks at Capacity Market Change Cost Impacts
Stakeholders at NYISO's ICAP Market Issues Working Group discussed methods used to measure consumer impacts caused by changes to buyer-side mitigation rules.
NYISO Details Comprehensive Mitigation Review, Related Impacts
Stakeholders last week discussed NYISO’s comprehensive mitigation review and presentations on related consumer and market impacts.
NYISO Reviews Mitigation Efforts, Updates Timeline
NYISO presented stakeholders a comprehensive mitigation review and made available the final draft of a study on related market impacts.
Verdant Power
NYISO Updates BSM Revision Proposal
NYISO on Thursday presented stakeholders an updated proposal to revise its buyer-side mitigation rules.
Analysis Group
NYISO Unveils Draft BSM Study
NYISO unveiled a draft study plan to model possible capacity market outcomes resulting from revisions to the ISO's buyer-side mitigation rules.

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