December 4, 2023

CAISO Department of Market Monitoring (DMM)

The Greater Southwestern Exploration Company
AES Fined $6M for CAISO Resource Adequacy Violations
FERC fined independent power producer AES $6 million for failing to fulfill RA obligations related to eight of the company’s 12 generating units operating in Southern California.
Batteries Multiply in CAISO, Soak up Solar
The more than 5,000 MW of batteries connected to the CAISO grid are playing in increasing role in maintaining reliability, a report from the ISO's Market Monitor shows.
CAISO Dept. of Market Monitoring
CAISO 2020 Load Costs Rise Despite Gas Price Decline
Low hydro output, a summer heat wave and high prices during evening ramps helped boost CAISO’s load-serving costs by 3% last year despite lower gas prices.
CAISO Wasn’t Gamed in Blackouts, Watchdog Finds
CAISO’s Market Monitor found no evidence of market manipulation or strategic outages during the rolling blackouts of mid-August.
FERC OKs CAISO Cost Recovery Plan for Gas
CAISO won FERC approval for its second effort to allow generators to recover the costs of higher natural gas prices.
CAISO Briefs Western EIM on Hybrid Resources
CAISO presented the Western Energy Imbalance Market’s Governing Body its plan for accommodating hybrid generation and storage resources.
CAISO CRRs Still Losing Money, but Less
CAISO’s congestion revenue rights auction continued to lose money in 2019 but less than in prior years, the Department of Market Monitoring said.
CAISO Reports Wholesale Prices Way Down in Q3
CAISO reported lower wholesale electricity prices during the third quarter, driven by lower natural gas costs and fewer transmission constraints.
CAISO Advances Systemwide Market Power Plan
CAISO is moving ahead with a plan to stem systemwide market power, even though not everyone is convinced the effort is necessary.
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
FERC OKs CAISO Changes to EIM Bid Adders
FERC approved CAISO’s proposal to limit the megawatt quantity of the bid adder for the Western Energy Imbalance Market.

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