June 17, 2024

California Assembly

California Governor's Office
Newsom Budget Would Trim Calif. Climate Spending
California Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed a budget that further shrinks the $54 billion California Climate Commitment to $48.3 billion, while spreading spending over seven years rather than five.
California Needs Policies to Reduce New Construction Carbon Footprint

California needs both building-focused and material-focused approaches to driving down the embodied carbon in new construction if it is to reach its net zero goals, according to a new study.

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Apple Supports Proposed California Emissions Reporting Bill
Apple put its considerable heft behind a California bill that would increase the emissions reporting requirements for more than 5,000 large companies that do business in the state.
California Department of Conservation
CARB Starts Mandated Carbon Capture, Storage Program
The California Air Resources Board has started developing a program to manage carbon capture and storage in the state, as required by legislation passed last year.
Calif. Legislature Approves Key Infrastructure Bills

California lawmakers OK’d Gov. Newsom’s package of infrastructure bills to speed clean energy development, sending the measures to Newsom for his signature.

Calif. Governor, Lawmakers Agree on Infrastructure Bills
California Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders reached a budget deal that includes most of Newsom's controversial energy infrastructure bills.
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California Bill to Speed Transmission Development Passes State Senate
The bill to accelerate development of new transmission lines passed the state Senate on a vote of 36-0 and is now headed for the lower house.
California State Assembly
CAISO Regionalization Bill Put on Hold
California Assemblymember Chris Holden said he will hold a bill that could eventually turn CAISO into an RTO while he tries to overcome opposition.
California Assembly
Committee Gives CAISO RTO Bill a Cool Reception
Members of the California Assembly Utilities & Energy passed a bill to give CAISO independent governance but uniformly expressed their dislike of it as written.
CAISO Sends Regionalization Report to Lawmakers
CAISO sent the California Legislature a summary of recent studies of Western regionalization, information intended to aid discussion of the ISO becoming an RTO.

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