December 2, 2023

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire)

Cal Fire
Utilities File Incident Reports in Latest California Wildfires
PG&E and Southern California Edison have filed incident reports with the California PUC related to the two largest wildfires burning in the state.
U.S. Forest Service
Cal Fire Finds PG&E Started Massive Dixie Fire
The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said its investigation had determined that a tree hitting a PG&E line started the massive Dixie Fire. 
Dixie Fire Finding Inopportune for PG&E
Cal Fire concluded that a tree falling on a PG&E power line started the Dixie Fire, potentially affecting PG&E's bid to exit federal probation Jan. 25.
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California PUC Assesses PG&E $125M for Kincade Fire
The California PUC penalized PG&E $125 million for starting the 2019 Kincade fire by using a new enforcement tool that caused discord among commissioners.
National Forest Service
PG&E Expects $1B in Costs from Dixie Fire
PG&E said in its Q3 report that it expects a $1.15 billion loss from the massive Dixie Fire this summer and has been subpoenaed by federal prosecutors.
Matt Irving/Bureau of Land Management
PG&E Denies New Manslaughter Charges
Four manslaughter charges against PG&E in the 2020 Zogg Fire followed the first lawsuit against the utility for starting the still-burning Dixie Fire.
National Park Service
California Governor Signs Climate, Wildfire, Energy Bills
Gov. Gavin Newsom stood in the smoke of Sequoia National Park on Thursday to discuss the $15 billion California is spending on climate resilience.
U.S. Forest Service/Lassen Natio
Dixie Fire Explodes, Burns Historic Town
A massive wildfire that Pacific Gas and Electric equipment is suspected of causing exploded overnight and destroyed the historic gold rush town of Greenville.
U.S. Forest Service/Lassen Natio
PG&E Faces New Criminal Charges, Wildfire Liability
PG&E said the Dixie Fire burning in Northern California could hurt its finances but denied it committed crimes in starting last year’s deadly Zogg Fire.
National Weather Service/PG&E
PG&E Says Its Line May Have Started Dixie Fire
PG&E said one of its lines may have ignited the 30,000-acre Dixie Fire burning northeast of Paradise, a town destroyed by a PG&E-caused fire three years ago.

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