December 3, 2023

California duck curve

NARUC Report Examines California RA Problems
A NARUC report says California will need to use more advanced planning methods to ensure resource adequacy with an ever-growing reliance on renewables.
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CAISO Retiring, Incoming CEOs Field Questions
CAISO's outgoing and incoming CEOs answered stakeholder questions in a roundtable discussion hosted by the EIM’s Regional Issues Forum.
California PUC Votes to Keep Old Gas Plants Operating
The California PUC voted unanimously to recommend that some older gas-fired plants remain open for up to three years to prevent reliability problems.
EVs Could Soak up Solar or Exacerbate ‘Duck Curve’
A Pacific Northwest National Laboratory study found increased adoption of EVs in California could alleviate or exacerbate the state's duck curve.
CAISO, CPUC Warn of ‘Reliability Emergency’
CAISO’s Board of Governors heard that the ISO could face capacity shortages as soon as next year if steps aren’t taken to address the potential shortfall.
PJM Operating Committee Briefs: May 14, 2019
PJM staff agreed to delay approval of revisions to generation outage procedures after stakeholders raised concerns over potential market consequences.
CAISO Department of Market Monitoring
CAISO Q1 Prices Surge on Lower Hydro, Higher Gas
CAISO prices surged in Q1 on falling hydroelectric output and increased costs for natural gas, the ISO’s Department of Market Monitoring told stakeholders.
CAISO Moves to Optimize Short-Term Unit Supply
CAISO is proposing to quadruple the number of hours in its time horizon for short-term commitment of generation units to better address load peaks that occur later in the day when solar output drops off the grid.
Powelson: States Pushing RTOs’ Backs to the Wall
Some states are creating energy policies without enough regard for grid reliability, possibly forcing FERC to intervene, Commissioner Robert Powelson said.
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CAISO Expands Attendee Roster for Stakeholder Symposium
CAISO expanded the scope of its annual Stakeholder Symposium by inviting representatives of California's oil and agriculture industries.

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