December 10, 2023


NJ Legislators Back Alternatives to Electric Heat
New Jersey legislators backed a bill Monday that would prevent state agencies from requiring buildings to use electric heating.
Calif. to Halt Gas-powered Auto Sales by 2035
California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order prohibiting the sale of all gasoline-powered automobiles in the state by 2035.
California Needs Huge Number of EV Chargers
California will need to double the pace of EV sales and install millions of chargers to meet goals, researchers told the Energy Commission.
California Looks to EVs for Grid Resilience
The California Energy Commission held a discussion on how electric vehicles could serve as energy storage resources during emergencies.
Calif. Energy Commission OKs $22M for Storage
The California Energy Commission approved $22M in grants to fund long-term energy storage projects and another $6M to test using repurposed EV batteries.
Offshore Wind Plans Take Shape in California
An early-stage proposal for offshore wind in California emerged at a state Energy Commission workshop, which also showcased powerful opposition.
California Travels down Electrification Road
California's Energy Commission tried to electrify buildings and improve appliance efficiency by approving electrification and green energy ordinances.
Calif. Participants Float ‘Central Buyer’ RA Plan
California stakeholders have proposed replacing the state’s resource adequacy framework with a “central buyer” responsible for procuring resources.
Forecasting, Cooperation Key to Calif. Climate Challenges
California must find new approaches to long-term forecasting and collaboration, speakers said at a California Energy Commission workshop.
Erin Brockovich Protests PG&E Bankruptcy Plan at State Capitol
On the steps of the California state Capitol, former state Sen. Noreen Evans said she believes PG&E won’t go through with Chapter 11 reorganization.

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