April 16, 2024

Canadian energy market

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Infrastructure and Coordination Hot Topics at NECBC Conference

Serge Abergel of Hydro-Québec touted the potential benefits of using hydropower to balance out wind power and reduce curtailment instead of simply using hydropower as base load.

NPCC Warns of Tight Summer Margins in Ontario
Canada’s Ontario and Maritimes provinces may have to rely on energy imports and operating procedures to meet energy needs this summer, the NPCC said.
NY Stakeholders, Residents Split on HVDC Tx Projects
New Yorkers were generally in support of the entirely in-state Clean Path NY transmission project and opposed to the line to import Canadian hydropower.
Government of Canada
Experts Talk Carbon Markets at Ontario Energy Conference
Canada has a price on carbon pollution, but it’s not a perfect system, said a speaker at the annual Association of Power Producers of Ontario conference.
UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021
US, Canada, EU Pledge to Slash Methane Emissions
President Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and EU President Ursula von der Leyen pledged they would lead a global methane reduction effort.
NREL: International Tx Critical for Emission Reductions, Resource Adequacy
The U.S. and Canada signed an MOU on grid expansion collaboration and released a report promoting a massive buildout of transmission across North America.
US, Canada Experts Talk ‘Net Zero’ at Ontario Conference
U.S. energy leaders crossed the virtual border to Canada to share updates with APPrO at its annual energy and networking conference.
Experts: New Ontario Capacity Market Can Learn from US
Ontario’s nascent capacity market could take advantage of lessons from the U.S., experts said during APPrO's annual conference.
Overheard at the EBA Canadian Chapter’s 1st Meeting
The EBA’s Canadian Chapter held its first annual meeting online, with discussions on cybersecurity and holding virtual hearings amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
At International Tx Summit, Interstate Challenges the Focus
Though it was hosted at the Canadian Embassy, the talks at the International Transmission Summit centered on interregional transmission lines in the U.S.

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