November 28, 2023

capacity auction

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MISO South Support for Sloped Demand Curve Wanes on Opt-out Provision
State regulators of MISO South are withholding support for MISO’s plan to implement a sloped demand curve in its capacity auctions based on a proposed option for states to shield themselves from the effects.
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MISO: Sufficient 2023/24 Auction No Cause for Comfort
A comfortable result for MISO's 2023/24 auction does not guarantee sufficient capacity during the coming summer, executives said.
MISO: Sloped Demand Curve Would Have Raised 2023/24 Capacity Prices
MISO said that a sloped demand curve applied to its recent seasonal auction would have boosted summer clearing prices as much as sixfold.
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OMS RA Summit: Accreditation, Demand Curves, Retirements
MISO players weighed the RTO’s recent moves to fortify resource adequacy, including seasonal capacity, accreditation approaches a downward-sloping demand curve.
MISO Issued Show-cause on Seasonal Capacity Auction Values
FERC issued MISO a show-cause order saying it appeared to violate its tariff by failing to publish a system-wide unforced capacity ratio ahead of its auction.
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GCPA Speakers Embrace MISO Sloped Demand Curve
The likelihood of a sloped demand curve in MISO’s capacity market earned seals of approval from panelists at GCPA’s 9th Annual MISO/SPP Regional Conference.
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Capacity Auction ‘Mismatch’ Roils PJM Stakeholders
PJM said it will ask FERC to modify the rules of its 2024/25 capacity auction to avoid artificially high prices in one region of the RTO.
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IMM: Faulty Assumption in MISO’s Seasonal Auction Design
Months before MISO debuts a seasonal capacity auction, its IMM said he has uncovered a faulty assumption behind the seasonal capacity requirements.
State Regulators Endorse New Demand Curve in MISO Capacity Auction
The Organization of MISO States has publicly announced that using a downward-sloping demand curve in MISO’s capacity auction could be a good idea.
MISO Rolls Up Sleeves on Capacity Auction Alterations
MISO broadcast to stakeholders that it’s ready for a sloped demand curve in its capacity auction.

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