December 2, 2023

capacity demand and reserves (CDR) report

Texas PUC
ERCOT, PUC Repeat Call for Dispatchable Generation
ERCOT and the Texas PUC say there is not enough dispatchable generation to meet peak demand this summer, forcing the grid to rely on renewables.
ERCOT, PUC Say Texas Ready for Summer
Texas grid leaders met with reporters to once again allay concerns about ERCOT’s management of the state’s electric supply.
ERCOT Reports Optimistic About Coming Winter
ERCOT broke its silence on social media when it tweeted the release of its semiannual report that provides a 10-year forecast of its planning reserve margins.
ERCOT Resource Adequacy Hard Sell After Winter Storm
ERCOT worked to ease anxieties in the Texas media after releasing a pair of resource adequacy reports that show it has healthy reserve margins this summer.
ERCOT Board of Directors Briefs: Feb. 9, 2021
ERCOT staff’s work on summer reserve margins has drawn the attention of NERC executives, CEO Bill Magness told the Board of Directors.
ERCOT’s Summer Reserve Margin up to 12.6%
ERCOT said it still expects record demand this summer and the potential need for emergency measures, despite a drop in load from the COVID-19 pandemic.
ERCOT’s Reserve Margin Climbs to 10.6% in 2020
ERCOT will likely welcome back double-digit reserve margins next year and well into the decade, according to the grid operator’s latest CDR report.
ERCOT: More Capacity, but Emergency Ops Still Expected
ERCOT said its final summer 2019 resource adequacy assessment indicates “a potential need” to enter energy emergency alert status for system reliability.
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ERCOT Board of Directors/Annual Meeting Briefs: Dec. 11, 2018
ERCOT is repeating many of the preparations it took before last summer as it looks ahead to even tighter reserve margins in 2019.
ERCOT Predicts Tight Reserve Margin for 2019
ERCOT said Tuesday that it confronts a historically low 8.1% planning reserve margin next summer in the face of continued high electricity demand from oil and gas producers in West Texas and the cancellation of several generation projects.

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