December 3, 2023

Capacity, Energy, Loads and Transmission (CELT) report

ISO-NE Increases Peak Load Forecasts
ISO-NE increases 10-year summer and winter peak load predictions, with big gains coming from electrified heating and transportation.
ISO-NE draft 2023 Capacity, Energy, Loads, and Transmission report
ISO-NE Expects Slower, Then Faster, Load Growth
ISO-NE’s revised load forecast sees slower growth in the next few years because of economic turbulence, followed by accelerating growth from electrification.
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ISO-NE Presents Preliminary 2050 Tx Study Scope
ISO-NE presented to the PAC its scope of work and modeling assumptions for its 2050 Transmission Study.
NEPOOL Reliability Committee Briefs: Sept. 21, 2021
ISO-NE will propose tariff changes as a result of “lessons learned” from its first competitive transmission solicitation under Order 1000 last year.
NESCOE Floats ‘Overlay’ Tx Planning Concept for Public Policy
NESCOE presented a concept that would integrate routine transmission planning process with consideration of public policy-driven options.
ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee Meeting Briefs: March 17, 2021
ISO-NE's Planning Advisory Committee reviewed the 2021 CELT forecast, noting the progress the region has made in electrifying transportation and heating.
ISO-NE Planning Advisory Comm. Briefs: Sept. 24, 2020
ISO-NE presented the PAC with potential study conditions to identify transmission needs under increased penetration of distributed, renewable and storage resources.
Eversource Energy
ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee Briefs: Aug. 27, 2020
Economy-wide carbon dioxide emissions in New England fell by 28 to 34% between March and June versus a year earlier.
ISO-NE: Minor COVID Impacts on Summer Load, Forecasts
ISO-NE analysis suggests that summer demand from June 1 to July 11 was consistent with the 2020 CELT forecast despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
NEPOOL Reliability Committee Briefs: April 22, 2020
ISO-NE energy demand has fallen 3 to 5% since stay-at-home orders began being implemented across New England, the NEPOOL Reliability Committee heard.

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