July 20, 2024

capacity import limits (CILs)

ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee Briefs: July 17, 2024
Following the increase of the transfer limits of three internal interfaces in Maine, ISO-NE increased the capacity import capability of the New Brunswick-New England interface from 700 MW to 980 MW.
Stakeholders Question High Mich. Capacity Prices
Stakeholders asked if MISO’s new long-term generation outage policy played a role in driving up Michigan capacity prices in the Planning Resource Auction.
Northern Focus for MTEP 20
MISO will focus on the northern portion of its footprint with two supplemental studies to be included in its 2020 Transmission Expansion Plan cycle.
MISO Resource Adequacy Subcommittee Briefs: July 11, 2018
At last week's MISO Resource Adequacy Subcommittee meeting, staff reviewed how capacity import limits can bind in the RTO's annual capacity auction.
MISO LOLE Study Overestimates Auction Capacity
A recent MISO study slightly overestimated actual capacity offers in the 2018/19 Planning Resource Auction.
MISO Resource Adequacy Subcommittee Briefs: April 11, 2018
MISO is switching gears on a previous proposal to discontinue its practice of forecasting long-term capacity import and export limits.
MISO Members to Vote on Change to Capacity Export Limits
MISO stakeholders will vote on whether to broaden export limits for its upcoming capacity auction after WPPI Energy called for the RTO to act.
PJM Markets and Reliability and Members Committees Briefs
A summary of measures approved and issued discussed by the PJM MRC and Members Committee on April 28, 2016.
PJM MRC and Members Committees Preview
A summary of the issues scheduled to be brought to a vote at the PJM Markets and Reliability and Members committees Thursday.
FERC Rejects Challenge on PJM Capacity Import Limit
FERC denied a challenge to PJM’s capacity import limit, rejecting rehearing requests by AMP, the Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency and IMEA.

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