April 17, 2024

carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Energy Department Offers $6 Billion for Industrial Decarbonization
The U.S. Department of Energy announced $6 billion in funding for 33 projects that are meant to help decarbonize difficult-to-abate, energy-intensive industries. 
Minnkota Power Cooperative
DOE Announces $890M in IIJA Funds for CCS Demonstration Projects
Coming on the heels of COP28 in Dubai - and its weak call for a reduction in fossil fuel use - some researchers and advocates continue to argue that the normalization of CCS will simply prolong the burning of fossil fuels and the emissions they produce.
FERC Dives into Reliability Implications of EPA’s Power Plant Rule
FERC hosted a senior EPA staffer and heard from the industry and states on how the environmental regulator's latest proposal to cut carbon emissions from  power plants will impact grid reliability as it is implemented.
DOE Announces $500M in IIJA Funds for CO2 Pipeline Buildout
DOE grants will be used to help developers make up the difference in cost between building CO2 pipelines for current demand versus projected future demand.
NRG Energy
Carbon-capture Plant Coming Back into Service
The Petra Nova carbon-capture facility’s owner has told ERCOT that it plans to bring the plant out of mothballs and into year-round service in June.
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Overheard at the GCPA Spring Conference
The Gulf Coast Power Association’s annual spring conference revolved around how Texas and its coastal region can become a hotspot for energy innovation.
Cleco CCS Project Looks to Beat Carbon Mandates
Cleco’s Diamond Vault carbon sequestration project is in the thick of an engineering study that will determine the project’s design and construction.
DOE Announces $2.5B for Carbon Capture Projects
DOE is targeting the dirtiest and hardest-to-decarbonize electric power and industrial plants with $2.5 billion for "transformative" carbon capture projects.
California Governor's Office
New California Energy, Climate Laws Go Live
A half dozen new climate and energy laws took effect in California on Jan. 1.
Carbon Capture Projects Rise with Subsidy Boost
The global pipeline for carbon capture projects has jumped by nearly half since 2021, but hitting climate targets will require far greater growth, backers say.

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