June 17, 2024

carbon pricing

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Washington Auctions Reserve Carbon Allowances to Relieve Price Pressure
Washington held a special cap-and-trade auction intended to help keep carbon costs in check after May’s quarterly auction cleared at an unexpectedly high price.
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New England Stakeholders Discuss Clean Energy Market Mechanisms
New England energy industry leaders met at the 29th annual New England Energy Conference and Exposition to discuss regionwide clean energy market mechanisms.
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FERC Approves PSCo’s Temporary CO2 Price
FERC on Tuesday approved Public Service Company of Colorado’s request to use the social cost of carbon to help dispatch its generation for the next few months.
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State Regulators Weigh in on New England Pathways Study
Utility regulators from Maine and Massachusetts shared their thoughts on the path forward on Pathways.
Draft Plan Seeks Calif. Carbon Neutrality by 2045
CARB released a draft plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2045, tentatively rejecting alternatives that would achieve the net-zero goal 10 years sooner.
Counterflow: Stop the Insanity
Columnist Steve Huntoon says the notion that “proof of work” cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can increase grid reliability is nonsense.
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EPSA Members Renew Call for Carbon Price; See Long ‘Bridge’ for Gas
Competitive power generators renewed their calls for a national price on carbon emissions while complaining of a lack of market support for gas generators.
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Draft Study Weighs Tradeoffs of CO2 Pricing, FCEM for ISO-NE
A draft study evaluating ways to decarbonize New England’s power sector finds multiple advantages for carbon pricing, but also significant tradeoffs.
Vineyard Wind
ISO-NE, States Seek to Build on ‘Alignment’ Efforts
Resource adequacy concerns and market rules and transmission infrastructure to support state clean energy policies highlight the issues facing ISO-NE in 2022.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Nov. 17, 2021
PJM has proposed changes to a stakeholder-endorsed proposed on solar-battery hybrid resources after consulting with FERC staff.

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