June 24, 2024

carbon tax

Healey Focuses on Climate in Mass. Gubernatorial Race
Maura Healey is focusing on climate in the race to replace Charlie Baker as Massachusetts governor.
UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021
Democrats at COP26 Talk Climate Action and Political Realities
A Glasgow press conference set the stage for battles ahead as Dems head back to Capitol Hill determined to pass the $1.75 trillion budget reconciliation bill.
Overheard at 73rd NECPUC Symposium
Natural gas supplies, carbon pricing and transmission were among the topics at the 73rd New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners Symposium.
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Clean Energy Wins, Fossil Fuels Lose in Biden Budget
The U.S. could save $35 billion by 2031 by immediately eliminating fossil fuel tax preferences, according to a line item in President Biden’s 2022 budget.
Maine Bill Aims to Block Regulatory ‘Back Door’ to Carbon Tax
Republicans in Maine have sponsored a bill that gives the legislature last say in whether the state joins RGGI.
Hawaii Study Examines Carbon Tax Impact
A draft study on carbon pricing in Hawaii suggests a carbon tax program would lower GHG emissions and could give households a dividend.
NY Carbon Tax Bill is ‘Premature,’ Opponents Say
A New York Senate committee heard testimony on a bill that could generate $15 billion via a carbon tax, at $55 per short ton of carbon dioxide equivalent.
Biden Urged to Avoid Obama’s Climate Mistakes
President-elect Joe Biden should avoid the mistakes President Barack Obama made in attempting to reduce emissions, environmental law experts said.
‘Massive’ Clean Energy Stimulus Under Biden Likely
Congress’ first act under Joe Biden would likely be “massive” stimulus spending, including clean energy, to address the pandemic-induced recession.
IPPNY Talks Methane Emissions, Carbon Price
New York’s battle against climate change must focus on natural gas, Columbia Law School’s Michael Gerrard told IPPNY's annual Fall Conference.

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