December 10, 2023

Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE)

NYISO’s 10-Year Forecast: Challenges Ahead, but No Immediate Needs
NYISO’s new 10-year reliability plan finds no “actionable reliability needs,” but warns of narrowing reliability margins.
Astoria Generating Company
NYISO to Keep Gas Peakers Online to Solve NYC Reliability Need
NYISO will keep two natural gas peaker plants online past their planned 2025 retirements to solve a 446-MW shortfall in New York City. 
NYISO Anticipates Increased Load in Western, Central NY
NYISO did not identify any new near-term reliability issues in its third-quarter STAR, but it does anticipate significant load increases in western and central New York that could warrant more attention.
Champlain Hudson Power Express / Clean Path New York
NYSERDA Can’t Meet Deadline to Design New REC Plan

New York’s clean energy agency needs more time to draw up the renewable energy certificate program for two major renewable energy transmission projects.

New York Governor's Office
Champlain Hudson Converter Station Breaks Ground in NYC
Two key pieces of New York City’s clean energy future are taking shape along the East River waterfront. 
NYC to Fall 446 MW Short for 2025, NYISO Reports
New York City faces a 446-MW shortfall in 2025 because of plant retirements and the delayed completion of the Champlain Hudson Power Express, NYISO said.  
Champlain Hudson Power Express
Champlain Hudson Power Project Receives Landmark Delivery
Thirteen years after the Champlain Hudson Power Express was proposed, the first shipment of HVDC cable needed to build it arrived in New York on Thursday.
NYDPS Gives Go-Ahead to CHPE Construction
New York regulators authorized the Champlain Hudson Power Express to begin construction on the line, which will deliver Canadian hydropower to New York City.
Transmission Developers Inc.
Champlain Hudson Power Express Closes on Financing
Champlain Hudson Power Express it closed on the financing needed to build its roughly $6 billion underground transmission line linking Quebec and New York City.
Rhododendrites, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
NYISO RNA Raises Concerns over Timing of Peaker Unit Retirements
NYISO’s draft Reliability Needs Assessment found no reliability issues until 2032 but identified tightening transmission security and resource adequacy margins.

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