December 10, 2023

Clean Air Task Force (CATF)

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Summit Showcases New Technologies to Accelerate Industrial Decarb
New technologies upend conventional wisdom that heavy industry — cement, steel, petrochemicals — will be hard to abate or require carbon capture. But how fast can they scale?
House Energy and Commerce Committee
House Hearing Examines State of the Nuclear Power Industry
A House Energy & Commerce subcommittee heard testimony on the state of the nuclear industry as its members start work on a bill to deploy new advanced reactors.
The Brattle Group
OSW Tx Planning Must be Interregional, Networked and Start Now
The U.S. will require a massive mobilization of resources and careful planning to build the transmission needed to the meet its OSW goals, a new report says.
Clean Air Task Force
Carbon Capture Needed for ‘Last-mile Decarbonization’
Fifty-one carbon capture and storage projects were announced in the U.S. in 2021, more than the total of all projects announced in the previous three years.

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