July 18, 2024

clean energy portfolio (CEP)

RTI International for NCSEA
Clean Energy Investments Near $20B in NC
Clean energy investments in North Carolina ballooned from $56.5 million in 2007 to $19.8 billion in 2020, according to a new report.
Counterflow: RMI and Pixie Dust, Round 4
Columnist Steve Huntoon responds to Rocky Mountain Institute's rebuttal of his criticism of its study, based on Energy Information Administration data.
Stakeholder Soapbox: The Risky Case for Gas-fired Plants
The Rocky Mountain Institute responds to columnist Steve Huntoon's critique of the institute's report on clean energy portfolios and gas-fired power plants.
Counterflow: Cue More Pixie Dust
Columnist Steve Huntoon criticizes the Rocky Mountain Institute’s claim that the bulk of new natural gas generation will become uneconomic.
Absent Legislation, Exelon to Close Clinton, Quad Cities Nukes
Exelon said it will close Clinton next summer and Quad Cities the following year if Illinois legislators fail to pass a bill to shore up the nuclear plants.
How Exelon Won by Losing
Exelon shareholders shed no tears last week over the news that five of the company’s nuclear units failed to clear PJM’s capacity auction. Analysts say the company will earn almost $150 million more in capacity revenue than it would have if all of the company’s capacity had cleared.
‘Clean’ Energy Portfolios Could Save Nukes, FERC tells NRC
“Clean” energy portfolio standards may be a way for states to provide financial support for ailing nuclear plants, FERC officials told the NRC last week.

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