May 23, 2024

Clean Grid Alliance (CGA)

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Members Call for More Tx Expansion Following MISO’s $20B LRTP Blueprint
MISO’s conceptual, $20 billion, 765-kV transmission suggestion took top billing at Board Week, with some members asserting MISO has even more transmission to plan if it wants to meet the future confidently.
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MISO Members Doubt Severity of Long-term RA Alarm Bells
Multiple MISO members appeared skeptical at their quarterly meetings that the RTO is destined to face capacity shortfalls before the turn of the decade.
American Clean Power Association
Clean Energy Groups Seek FERC Re-evaluation of Automatic Penalties in MISO Queue
Multiple clean energy organizations have asked FERC to reconsider its approval of automatic penalties for withdrawing generation in MISO’s interconnection queue.
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Stakeholders Ask MISO to Share New Order 2222 Go-live Date ASAP
MISO stakeholders pushed the RTO to publish sooner rather than later a new deadline for accepting aggregators of distributed resources into its markets.
McCarthy Building Companies
Michigan Energy Siting Bills Set off Opponents and Backers
Legislation that would give Michigan regulators siting authority for major renewable projects drew praise from supporters and outrage from opponents.
MISO, Membership Share Impacts of Great Resignation
MISO and its membership said they’re experiencing firsthand the national trend of employee churn that picked up in the latter half of the pandemic.
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Clean Grid Asks MISO for Penalty-free IC Exits
Clean Grid Alliance asked MISO to consider penalty-fee withdraws for advanced-stage interconnection projects saddled with expensive network upgrade costs.
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CGA Requests MISO Help for Late-stage Interconnection Projects
Clean Grid Alliance asked MISO to develop a means to see late-stage projects through its generator interconnection queue when they’re delayed.
MISO Midwest-South Transfer Service on Outage until July
MISO said the transmission line behind its path linking the Midwest and South regions has been out of commission since late 2021 and is set to stay on outage.
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MISO Adds Web Features to New Meeting Schedule
MISO is debuting more online interactions after instituting fewer stakeholder committee meetings at the beginning of the year.

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