July 19, 2024

combined cycle generators

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PJM MIC Briefs: March 8, 2023
The PJM MIC endorsed a problem statement and issue charge to explore multi-schedule modeling of combined cycle generators in the market clearing engine.
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PJM MIC Briefs: Jan. 11, 2023
The PJM MIC endorsed a proposal to increase the maximum number of bids a single corporate entity can place in the RTO’s financial transmission rights auctions.
PJM MIC Briefs: Dec. 7, 2022
A poll by the Market Implementation Committee found little support for two competing proposals on capacity offer opportunities for co-located load.
PJM MIC Briefs: April 13, 2022
PJM MIC members last week unanimously endorsed a revised proposal from the RTO and its Independent Market Monitor to address start-up cost offer development.
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FERC Fines Dynegy $569K for Misleading Ramp Rates in PJM
FERC approved an agreement between Dynegy and its Office of Enforcement to settle allegations that the company misrepresented its plants' ramp rates to PJM.
PJM MIC Briefs: March 9, 2022
PJM presented an updated proposal addressing start-up cost offer development to the MIC after being sent back to a subcommittee for more work.
PJM MIC Briefs: Dec. 1, 2021
Stakeholders endorsed a joint PJM/Independent Market Monitor proposal addressing fuel-cost policy standards at a Market Implementation Committee meeting.
PJM MIC Briefs: May 13, 2021
PJM stakeholders endorsed a proposal to address regulation for virtual combined cycle units, but some were concerned that the work will be too complex.
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PJM MIC Briefs: April 7, 2021
PJM stakeholders questioned whether proposals addressing compensation for reactive power supply and voltage control service should be delayed.
MISO Delays Combined Cycle Model Update
MISO will not implement improved combined cycle modeling until it has a new market platform in place.

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