April 16, 2024

Commitment Cost and Default Energy Bid Enhancements (CCDEBE)

FERC OKs CAISO Cost Recovery Plan for Gas
CAISO won FERC approval for its second effort to allow generators to recover the costs of higher natural gas prices.
FERC Again Rejects CAISO ‘Market Values’ Plan
FERC again rejected CAISO’s proposal to change the way generators register their capabilities with the ISO, denying a plan that could allow participants to exercise market power.
CAISO Moves Ahead With Market Changes
The CAISO Board of Governors approved a controversial proposal on congestion revenue rights and market power mitigation.
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EIM Governing Body Approves CAISO Bidding Flexibility
Western Energy Imbalance Market leaders endorsed CAISO’s controversial proposal to give generators more bidding flexibility.
Monitor Critical of CAISO Commitment Cost Mitigation Plan
CAISO’s Department of Market Monitoring amplified its opposition to a fundamental aspect of the ISO’s plan for commitment cost mitigation.
CAISO Monitor Says Bid Rule Changes Flawed
CAISO's Monitor submitted comments on the ISO’s straw proposal for its Commitment Cost and Default Energy Bid Enhancements (CCDEBE) initiative.
CAISO Developing New Bidding Rules
CAISO is refining changes to its market rules meant to better reflect suppliers’ costs of producing electricity while increasing flexibility.

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