April 21, 2024

compliance monitoring and enforcement program (CMEP)

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WECC Board of Directors Briefs: Sept. 14, 2023
WECC’s two-day annual member meeting featured an election to fill the board’s two top spots.
Texas RE
Texas RE Sees Opportunity in Cold Weather Standards
NERC’s new cold weather standards give utilities considerable freedom in implementation, which is both an opportunity and a danger, Texas RE heard.
CIP Standards Dominated ERO 2022 Enforcement Activities
2022 saw “significant progress” for the ERO’s Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement and Organization Registration and Certification programs, a new report says.
SERC Forum Touts Internal Communication in Enforcement
Changes to SERC's compliance monitoring and enforcement process helped build a stronger connection within the RE, said speakers at a webinar on Tuesday.
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Changes to CIP-014 Receive FERC Approval
FERC approved NERC's removal of language from CIP-014 requiring compliance evidence to be stored on site.
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FERC Partially Rejects NERC CMEP Changes
FERC raised concerns that several proposed changes to NERC's Rules of Procedure may negatively impact on the ERO's compliance enforcement programs.
ReliabilityFirst Considering Expansion of Grid Security Exercises
ReliabilityFirst is 1 of 6 regional NERC-authorized companies charged with working with industry to ensure the survivalability of the high-voltage power grid.
ERO Align Tool Final Release Now Planned for Q4
The ERO Enterprise is now planning to complete deployment of the Align software tool by the fourth quarter of 2022, SERC staff said Tuesday.
Return of In-person ERO Compliance Audits Planned in 2022
The ERO Enterprise's 2022 enforcement plan makes clear that regional entities are prepared to return to in-person audits in 2022.
Release 2 of ERO Align Tool Goes Live for All Regions
NERC and the ERO Enterprise have activated the second stage of the Align tool, which is expected to streamline compliance reporting across regions.

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