May 29, 2024

Congestion Assessment and Resource Integration Study (CARIS)

NYISO 20-Year Forecast Highlights Generation, Tx Hurdles to Climate Goals
NYISO will have to add zero-emission generation and transmission at an unprecedented pace to meet New York's climate goals, according to a new study.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: Jan. 13, 2021
The NYISO Business Issues Committee OK'd meter-related manual revisions and discussed updates to the 2019 CARIS database.
NY Set Fast Pace for Clean Energy in 2020
New York made considerable progress this year in its efforts to decarbonize its economy and spread benefits to disadvantaged communities despite COVID-19.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: Dec. 9, 2020
NYISO’s Business Issues Committee voted to recommend approval of Tariff revisions and to apply the TAM rules to landfill gas, wind and solar resources.
OSW Growth to Test New York’s Transmission Grid
Transmission congestion around NYC could increase after the first 6,000 MW of offshore wind is interconnected, NYISO told state officials.
Bulk Tx, 115-kV Upgrades Needed for NY 70×30 Goal
NYISO will need to expand its bulk transmission and some low-voltage lines to meet New York’s 2030 climate goals, according to the ISO's latest CARIS.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: Sept. 12, 2018
The Business Issues Committee endorsed changes to NYISO’s unsecured credit scoring model following its first review of the methodology since 2009.
Overheard at New York Energy Market Summit
Attendees of the Infocast New York Energy Market Summit discussed transmission development, offshore wind and conflict between state policies and markets.
NYISO Study Identifies Key Areas of Tx Congestion
Preliminary results from a biennial NYISO study show high congestion in three areas of the New York bulk power system.
NYISO Management Committee Briefs: March 28,2018
The NYISO Management Committee approved Tariff revisions intended to provide external resources with Rest of State deliverability rights.

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