June 25, 2024

coordinated transaction scheduling (CTS)

NEPOOL Markets Committee Briefs: April 6, 2021
ISO-NE told the NEPOOL Markets Committee that the RTO would seek an extension of the compliance deadline for FERC Order 2222 until February 2022.
Weather Drove Fall Load Decline, SPP Monitor Finds
SPP’s average hourly load was off 7% last fall from the previous two years, the RTO’s MMU said in its latest quarterly State of the Market report.
MISO, SPP Respond to Monitors’ Seams Studies
MISO’s and SPP’s state regulators gave the RTOs’ staffs an opportunity to respond to their monitors’ suggestions for improving interregional coordination.
SPP Briefs: Week of May 11, 2020
SPP’s Market Monitoring Unit released the final version of its 2019 State of the Market report and a study on improving issues across the MISO seam.
Monitor Casts Doubts on MISO-SPP CTS Benefits
SPP’s Market Monitor said MISO and SPP must rethink some of their fees and practices before rolling out coordinated transaction scheduling across the seam.
NEPOOL Participants Committee Briefs: Aug. 2, 2019
The NEPOOL Participants Committee approved changes to the requirements for submitting external transactions for capacity imports.
MISO Concurs with Monitor Ideas, Pledges More Study
MISO officials say they will follow through on most recommendations in its Independent Market Monitor’s 2017 State of the Market report.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs: Oct. 11, 2018
MISO’s Monitor pointed to other RTOs to illustrate the ineffectiveness of the coordinated transaction scheduling (CTS) between MISO and PJM.
Potomac Economics
Patton Cites High Uplift, Capacity Concerns in ISO-NE
High uplift costs, market power and the capacity market highlighted the External Market Monitor’s concerns in the ISO-NE State of the Market report.
MISO to Study Aging Software; Market Improvements Planned for 2017
MISO will spend $1.8 million on consultants to evaluate how its aging market system can be improved to respond to stress and future threats.

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