May 23, 2024

D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

DC Circuit Rejects Challenge to California Car Emissions Waiver
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a challenge from Republican state attorneys general and others against California’s ability to set its own regulations on automobile emissions under the Clean Air Act. 
Appeals Court Upholds FERC on Gas Project Extensions
The D.C. Circuit ruled in favor of FERC granting previously approved natural gas projects’ requests for an extension of their deadlines to bring the facilities online.
Stakeholder Soapbox — There and Back Again: D.C. Circuit Again Considers NYISO’s Approach to Zero-Emission Mandate
Dozens of states have adopted emission-reduction targets aimed at fighting climate change. But how should RTOs account for those initiatives when their effects are delayed, uncertain, expensive for consumers or all of the above? 
LG&E and KU
FERC Upholds De-pancaking Provisions in LG&E/KU Rates
FERC upheld its May 2023 order reinstituting de-pancaking provisions in LG&E/KU’s transmission rates, now the subject of a challenge before the D.C. Circuit.  
AEP Transmission
Appeals Court Rejects Review of AEP Transmission Rates
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected four Texas cooperatives’ request to review a 2019 FERC decision over AEP's transmission rates.
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
DC Circuit Rejects LES Appeal on FERC Order
A federal appeals court rejected Lincoln Electric System’s request to review a FERC decision turning down the utility’s request to recover costs from its investment in a Wyoming generating facility.
D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals
SEEM’s Opponents Return to DC Circuit
Opponents of the Southeast Energy Exchange Market want the federal courts to examine FERC's approval of the market.
Potomac Economics
After One Year, SEEM Still Drawing Criticism
Critics of the Southeast Energy Exchange Market say after a year of operations, it has failed to meet many of the promises of its sponsors.
D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals
PSC Takes FERC Back to Court Over NYISO’s 17-Year Amortization
The New York PSC asked a federal appeals court to overturn FERC’s approval of NYISO’s 17-year amortization period in its installed capacity market.
FERC Reaffirms NYISO’s 17-Year Amortization, Dismisses Protests
FERC reaffirmed its support for NYISO’s 17-year amortization period in its installed capacity market, rejecting protests from state regulators and consumers.  

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