May 27, 2024

D.C. Public Service Commission (DC PSC)

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EBA Forum Examines the Details of the Grid’s Transition
A major focus at the Energy Bar Association meeting was on how to ensure reliability and affordability as the grid transitions to a cleaner future.
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Phillips Says Transmission NOPRs Still a Priority
Acting FERC Chairman Willie Phillips made his first comments since taking over the agency.
‘Collaboration and Innovation’ Key for New DC PSC Chair
In an interview, new D.C. PSC Chair Emile Thompson talked about his vision for reaching the district’s goal of cutting GHG emissions in half by 2032.
Senate ENR Committee
Senate Confirms FERC Nominee Willie Phillips
The Senate unanimously confirmed Willie Phillips to FERC, securing the Democrats a majority on the commission for the first time in more than four years.
Public Service Commission of D.C
DC’s Solar Markets Expanding in Low-income Neighborhoods
D.C.'s ambitious clean energy target — 100% by 2032 — has created a market for solar companies and utility bill savings for the city's low-income residents.
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Biden to Nominate Phillips to FERC
President Biden intends to nominate D.C. Public Service Commission Chair Willie Phillips to FERC, a move described by observers as "pragmatic."
District, OPC Ask PSC to Reconsider Exelon-PHI Merger
The D.C. Office of the People’s Counsel and the district’s government asked the DC PSC to reconsider its approval of Exelon’s acquisition of Pepco.
Grid 2.0 Asks DC PSC to Reconsider Merger Approval
One party to the Exelon-Pepco merger case has asked the DC PSC) to reconsider its approval, and People's Counsel Sandra Mattavous-Frye may ask as well.
Exelon-Pepco Doubtful as DC Officials Reject Alternatives
D.C. officials came out today against Exelon’s revised merger proposal in filings that appear to quash the energy giant’s chances of acquiring Pepco.
UPDATED: Exelon, Pepco Urge Compromise Deal to Win DC PSC OK for Merger
Exelon offered a split D.C. Public Service Commission (DC PSC) a “middle ground proposal” in a bid to salvage its acquisition of Pepco Holdings Inc.

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