November 30, 2023

David Patton

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MISO Defends Fleet Predictions over Monitor’s Skepticism
Doubts continue to swirl around which version of MISO’s future fleet mix is appropriate for long-range transmission planning — the Independent Market Monitor’s or the RTO’s itself.
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MISO Promises Analyses on Long-range Tx; Stakeholders Divided on IMM Involvement
Amid the Independent Market Monitor’s denunciation of MISO’s fleet assumptions for long-term transmission plans, lead planners defended their approach to planning for 2040.
ATC and ITC Midwest
Market Monitor Questions MISO Fleet Assumptions in Long-term Tx Planning
MISO’s Independent Market Monitor took his concerns to stakeholders over what he deems unrealistic fleet assumptions in MISO’s long-range transmission planning.
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MISO Monitor Again Sounds Alarm on Long-range Tx Planning
MISO IMM David Patton appeared before the Market Subcommittee to again criticize the future resource mix assumptions MISO is using to craft a second long-range transmission plan.
Entergy Arkansas
MISO Winter Recap Centers on December Emergency
MISO’s annual winter lookback focused almost exclusively on operations during the widespread Dec. 23 deep freeze.
Ameren Missouri
MISO Accreditation Impasse Persists at Workshop
MISO tried to quell unease over its intended capacity accreditation with a stakeholder workshop to show that its proposal lines up with a new report.
MISO Actions During December Storm Spark Debate
MISO’s December emergency declaration ignited a debate over whether the RTO should enter emergency procedures to sustain its neighbors during extreme weather.
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IMM: Faulty Assumption in MISO’s Seasonal Auction Design
Months before MISO debuts a seasonal capacity auction, its IMM said he has uncovered a faulty assumption behind the seasonal capacity requirements.
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MISO Charts Course on Capacity Auction’s Sloped Demand Curve
MISO is releasing preliminary design details as it angles for a sloped demand curve in its capacity auction.
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MISO, Members Debate Deploying AARs
MISO, its Monitor and members debated the best course to implementing ambient adjusted line ratings during a Sept. 15 Advisory Committee discussion.

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