May 21, 2024


CAISO CEO Emphasizes Power of Partnership in West
In an interview, CAISO CEO Elliot Mainzer touted the importance of interregional coordination — and a single Western market — to meet state policy and reliability goals.
GE Hitachi and TVA
TVA Resists Congressional Call to Achieve 100% Clean Energy Sooner
The Tennessee Valley Authority doesn’t appear ready to fast-track its decarbonization plans despite receiving a letter this month from 10 members of Congress urging it to chart a path to 100% clean energy by 2035.
ERO Adds Energy Policy to Risk Priorities List
NERC's latest ERO Reliability Risk Priorities Report includes energy policy and critical infrastructure interdependencies among crucial reliability risks.
ACEEE Highlights Efficiency’s Benefits to Grid Decarbonization
ACEEE released a report arguing that efficiency would have major benefits in deep decarbonization scenarios by avoiding the need for balancing resources and minimizing costs to vulnerable consumers.
ISO-NE Outlines Economic Challenges of Decarbonization
ISO-NE told its Planning Advisory Committee that decarbonization may require increased dispatchable generation, storage and capacity.
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Overheard at IPPNY 2023 Spring Conference
The Independent Power Producers of New York’s annual Spring Conference highlighted the challenges New York faces as it decarbonizes.
New York Utilities
NY Utilities Propose Plan to Coordinate Decarbonization Efforts
Seven N.Y. utilities filed a proposal aiming to help develop a "fully decarbonized electric system” by improving grid planning coordination among stakeholders.
Entergy Strengthens its Emissions-Reduction Goals
Entergy has released more ambitious 2030 benchmarks on the road to its goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by midcentury.
Senate ENR Committee
Former NRG CEO Faces Tough Questions at Senate ENR Hearing
Three nominees for top posts at the DOE faced pointed questions from Senators known for protecting fossil fuel sector interests.
The White House
Biden at COP27: Nations Must Step up, Double-down on Climate Action
Under new U.S. policies, federal contractors will have to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks.

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