June 25, 2024

Defense Production Act

Eversource Calls on Feds to Prepare Emergency Actions for New England
Eversource Energy, New England’s largest utility, is piling on to calls for winter help from the federal government.
DOE Seeks Public Input on Biden Manufacturing Order
DOE is seeking input from the public on how to use the Defense Production Act authority that President Biden granted it to improve power grid reliability.
Overheard: USEA Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain Briefing
The U.S. has an abundance of critical minerals, but not the political will to build out mining and processing supply chains, USEA panelists said.
Biden Invokes Defense Production Act for Critical Minerals
President Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to step up the production of rare minerals critical to his administration's clean energy goals.
U.S. Air Force
Military not Waiting for Trump’s Resilience ‘Solution’
The military has been among the leaders in seeking to make its facilities more resilient and adding renewable power, energy storage and microgrids.
Democrats Urge McNamee’s Recusal from Resilience Docket
Senate Democrats pressed Bernard McNamee to recuse himself from the resilience proceeding at FERC due to his role in crafting a controversial DOE proposal.
Nearing 1-Year Mark, Glick Rejects ‘National Security’ Grid Risk
FERC Commissioner Richard Glick reiterated his opposition to the Trump administration’s efforts to protect coal and nuclear generation.
UPDATED: Chatterjee Dodges as DOE Spins on Coal Bailout
FERC Commissioner Neil Chatterjee and Assistant Department of Energy Secretary Bruce Walker pledged to continue their work on grid resilience.
PJM CEO Ott Briefs Senate Committee on Black Start
PJM CEO Andy Ott emphasized the importance of fuel diversity for grid resilience to U.S. senators, but he cautioned against government intervention.
Please Feel Free to Surprise Us
The authors of the DOE memo supporting coal and nuclear subsidies took the spaghetti approach – throw everything against the wall and hope something sticks.

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