April 17, 2024

demand-side management (DSM)

Can New England Conserve Like California?
Buoyed by California's success this summer, New England state and grid officials are refining plans to use conservation pleas in case of an energy emergency.
California Moving to Dynamic Pricing for Retail Customers
The California Energy Commission adopted new standards for utilities to send hourly or sub-hourly price signals to "smart" appliances and EVs to manage demand.
MYR Group
NV Energy Surpasses 2021 RPS Requirement
NV Energy exceeded Nevada’s renewable portfolio standard requirement of 24% in 2021, according to a report approved by state regulators.
Con Edison
NYISO Management Committee Briefs: July 28, 2021
NYISO Management Committee approved a tariff update to allow municipal electric utilities to provide metering and meter data services for demand side resources.
Talking to Alexa: Transactive Energy Markets are Coming
Officials at a SEPA webinar discussed a transactive market platform pilot in California that proactively helps shift load and save customers money.
Arizona Public Service
Ariz. Program to Incentivize Home Battery Storage, Efficiency
Arizona regulators approved a demand management plan that includes incentives for homeowners who install battery storage with their rooftop solar system.
In Maine’s GridMod Movement, Innovating on Flexibility Gains Traction
A growing interest in grid flexibility looks beyond demand management to accommodate and balance distributed generation and loads.

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