July 15, 2024

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

CISA Publishes Hardware BOM Framework

CISA spotlighted supply chain risk management with the release of a guide intended to help buyers of electronics equipment identify and mitigate risks in their supply chains.

PJM Adopting New Web Protocols in Response to Cybersecurity Concerns
PJM's top security officer briefed stakeholders on the RTO's responses to the latest cyber threats, including hostile activity by Russia and its allies.
Clean Energy Group
NEPOOL Markets Committee Briefs: May 10, 2022
The NEPOOL MC discussed changes to the frequency of FCM parameter recalculations, the continuous storage facility model and cybersecurity reporting.
Dragos Warns Malware Developers Building Skills Fast
Cybersecurity researchers say a new malware tool shows how quickly the threat community has developed since the relatively crude attacks of just six years ago.
Department of Homeland Security
DHS Launches Cyber Review Board
The Department of Homeland Security has set up the Cyber Safety Review Board to investigate cybersecurity incidents that impact U.S. national security.
The White House
Biden Launches ICS Cybersecurity Initiative
President Biden announced a cybersecurity initiative for U.S. critical infrastructure, building on one launched in April for the electric sector.
U.S. Senate
Inglis, Easterly Define Roles in Confirmation Hearing
Jen Easterly and Chris Inglis fielded questions on the nation's cybersecurity needs before the Senate's Homeland Security Committee on Thursday.

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