June 17, 2024

Department of Interior (DOI)

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Interior Announces Updated OSW Regs, Auction Schedule at IPF24
The Department of Interior has set a new five-year schedule for as many as a dozen new offshore wind energy lease auctions and finalized an update of its regulations for renewable energy development in U.S. waters. 
Feds Cut Renewable Costs, Boost Fossil Costs on Public Land
The federal government has finalized rules that will decrease the cost of siting renewable energy generation on public land and increase the cost of leasing it for oil and gas development.
U.S. Bureau of Land Management
Feds Update Solar Development Roadmap in West

The Department of the Interior is proposing to designate 22 million acres of public land in the West as suitable for solar development.

Talon Metals
Future of Critical Mineral Mining is Responsible, Transparent and Green
A big roadblock to developing a domestic supply chain for minerals critical to clean energy technology is the General Mining Act of 1872, says Tommy Beaudreau.
Interior to Cut Rent for Clean Energy Projects on Public Land
Developers looking to build projects on public land may soon see the rent and fees they have to pay drop by more than half, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said.
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Overheard at CLEANPOWER 2022
CLEANPOWER 2022 drew more than 7,000 attendees to San Antonio last week to discuss the clean power industry's challenges in the years to come.
Energy Tech, Climate Key Themes at Western Governors’ Meeting
Biden administration officials met with Western governors to discuss the region's pressing topics, including energy technology, drought and wildfires.

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