November 28, 2023

direct air capture (DAC)

DOE Announces $500M in IIJA Funds for CO2 Pipeline Buildout
DOE grants will be used to help developers make up the difference in cost between building CO2 pipelines for current demand versus projected future demand.
DOE Launches Responsible Carbon Management Initiative
With plans for two more hubs and ongoing R&D, DOE is building out a U.S. ecosystem for the development and commercialization of carbon management technologies.
Carbon Engineering
DOE to Fund Direct Air Capture Hubs in Texas, Louisiana
The two projects are the first of four hubs to get a slice of the $3.5 billion the Infrastructure bill provided to develop the technology at commercial scale.
Carbon Capture Projects Rise with Subsidy Boost
The global pipeline for carbon capture projects has jumped by nearly half since 2021, but hitting climate targets will require far greater growth, backers say.
CS Energy
DOE Launches $500M Project to Put Clean Energy on Mine Lands
The Department of Energy plans to use $500 million from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to put clean energy on former mine lands across the country.
Carbon Capture Navigating Path into Clean Energy Mainstream
Meeting the Paris Agreement goals cannot happen without carbon capture, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told the Global CCS Institute Forum.
3 Keys to Fixing the Cash-flow Dilemma in CO2 Capture
Direct pay incentives and project developers with a clear vision and just one job to do could fix the CCS industry's cash flow problem, stakeholders heard.
Overheard: NECA Asks Experts ‘What to Do with All This CO2’
NECA’s Fuels Committee asked experts on carbon capture and sequestration to discuss the technology and its place in the global decarbonization effort.
Steven Baltakatei Sandoval, CC BY-SA-4.0, via Wikimedia
Report: CCS Needs $1 Trillion Investment over 30 Years
There are 135 CCS facilities in the global pipeline, but the sector has a lot of room to grow, says Jarad Daniels of the Global CCS Institute.

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