April 21, 2024

DOE Grid Deployment Office

DOE Report Highlights Benefits of Advanced Grid Technologies
Advanced grid technologies can help expand the grid quickly and relatively cheaply, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Energy.
DOE Study Adds to Case for Interregional Offshore Grid
Offshore wind is projected to be a key part of East Coast states’ decarbonization and DOE called its two-year study the most thorough analysis to date.
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Panel Connects Clean Energy Transition to Boston’s Big Dig
An event by Advanced Energy United drew connections between the infrastructure needs of the clean energy transition and Boston’s Big Dig highway project.
DOE Opens 2nd Solicitation in Transmission Offtake Program

The Department of Energy opened the second solicitation in its program to prime the pump for new transmission needed to meet the Biden administration’s climate goals.

DOE, BOEM Kick off West Coast Offshore Wind Tx Planning

The DOE and BOEM launched a series of stakeholder workshops to address the specific challenges to siting transmission for the first generation of West Coast offshore wind projects.

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DOE Lays out Plans for Designating Transmission Corridors
DOE laid out its plans to release draft National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors this spring, which will then start a process of refinement before they are finalized over several years.
Can DOE Accelerate US Energy Transition as 2024 Election Looms?

DOE is focused on reshaping the U.S. energy landscape, but officials may have only another year to build the momentum needed to make any potential Republican rollbacks unpopular and unlikely.

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DOE Issues Final Guidelines for National Transmission Corridors
The Department of Energy released its final guidelines for the designation of National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors, which are narrowly defined areas where transmission is urgently needed to ensure reliability and affordability and advance “important national interests.”
DOE Report, Funding Seek to Break down Barriers to Grid Innovation

Utilities are rolling out new GETs projects, DOE officials said, but “there are more than 3,000 utilities in the United States, and a few excellent projects won’t get us where we need to be.”

Will DOE’s Transmission Needs Study Spur New Regional, Interregional Lines?
The study is intended to identify pressing transmission needs without offering specific solutions or taking into account federal and some state regulations.

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