June 13, 2024

DOE Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED)

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BNEF Summit: Oil, Gas Execs Argue for Key Role in Energy Transition
A series of presentations and panels at the BloombergNEF Summit provided a measure of the industry’s success in crafting a narrative based on a balanced and well-paced transition that includes cutting egregious emissions and scaling carbon capture and storage technologies. 
The YEARS Project
DOE Announces $366M for Rural, Tribal Clean Energy Projects
About 300 off-grid homes in the Hopi and Navajo nations soon could have electricity from solar and storage systems paid for with part of $366 million in federal funding.
Minnkota Power Cooperative
DOE Announces $890M in IIJA Funds for CCS Demonstration Projects
Coming on the heels of COP28 in Dubai - and its weak call for a reduction in fossil fuel use - some researchers and advocates continue to argue that the normalization of CCS will simply prolong the burning of fossil fuels and the emissions they produce.
The White House
DOE’s Hydrogen Hubs Seek to Balance Industry, Political Priorities
The hydrogen hubs reflect an attempt to balance the conflicting political and energy industry interests that went into the bipartisan infrastructure bill.
DOE to Invest $1 Billion to Build Demand for Clean Hydrogen
DOE will use $1 billion from the bipartisan infrastructure law to underwrite demand for the clean hydrogen to be produced by regional hydrogen hubs.
DOE: US Needs 200 GW of New Nuclear Power by 2050
DOE is estimating that 500 to 750 GW of clean, firm power — including 200 GW of new nuclear — will be needed to reach net-zero emissions economy-wide by 2050.
DOE Announces $6B for Industrial Decarbonization
The Department of Energy will award $6 billion to accelerate decarbonization projects in energy-intensive industries, the largest investment of its kind.
DOE Announces $2.5B for Carbon Capture Projects
DOE is targeting the dirtiest and hardest-to-decarbonize electric power and industrial plants with $2.5 billion for "transformative" carbon capture projects.
Senate ENR Committee
Former NRG CEO Faces Tough Questions at Senate ENR Hearing
Three nominees for top posts at the DOE faced pointed questions from Senators known for protecting fossil fuel sector interests.
Global Clean Energy Action Forum
DOE Opens Solicitation for $7B in Hydrogen Hubs Funding
DOE announced the opening of applications for $7 billion in funding for six to 10 clean hydrogen hubs funded by the 2021 infrastructure bill.

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