July 19, 2024

Donald Trump

NET Power
Startups: Market Will Move New Cleantech Regardless of Election Outcome
Questions from energy reporters at a USEA briefing on emerging cleantech shifted the focus to what will happen to U.S. energy policy if Donald Trump is re-elected president.
BNEF: ICE Phaseout by 2035 Critical to Reach Net Zero by 2050
About 20% of all vehicles sold worldwide this year will have a plug ― either battery electric or plug-in hybrid ― with sales predicted to rise to one-third by 2027.
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ACORE Panel: IRA is Safe, but Trump Could Decimate DOE

The best way to defend the Inflation Reduction Act could be to stop mentioning the law and focus on its benefits, speakers told the ACORE Policy Forum

EPA Restores California Tailpipe Standards
EPA reinstated the authority of California and 16 other states to enact more stringent vehicle emissions standards than the federal government.
ACORE: COVID, Impeachment Could Delay Infrastructure Bill
Congress could push an infrastructure financing bill into the second quarter, imperiling the legislative goals of clean energy industries, the ACORE warned.
Biden Urged to Avoid Obama’s Climate Mistakes
President-elect Joe Biden should avoid the mistakes President Barack Obama made in attempting to reduce emissions, environmental law experts said.
COVID, Climate Change Shaped 2020
Amidst a global pandemic and worsening natural disasters, the U.S. held an election that will determine the future of climate policy.
After Contradicting Trump, Krebs Out at CISA
President Trump fired CISA Director Chris Krebs after he and the agency pushed back against Trump's false claims of electoral fraud.
UPDATE: Trump Names Danly FERC Chair
With his path to re-election narrowing, President Trump demoted FERC Chairman Neil Chatterjee, replacing him with Republican James Danly.
Climate Policy on the Ballot Tuesday
West Coast wildfires, record-breaking heat waves and more than two dozen tropical storms have made climate change an issue impossible for voters to ignore.

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