April 16, 2024


Cancel: Dragos Breach Did Not Compromise E-ISAC
Cybersecurity firm Dragos, a partner of the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center, suffered a cyber breach that exposed customer information.
Senate ENR
Senate Energy Comm. Ponders Change in Cybersecurity Authorities
Senators discussed new bills that would give FERC authority over gas pipeline cybersecurity and change how DOE handles cyber threats.
Dragos: Cyber Landscape Remained Volatile in 2022
The 2022 cyber threat landscape included new malware targeting the electric industry with “breakthrough escalation in capabilities,” a new report says.
Gas-electric Coordination ‘Achille’s Heel’ of Energy Transition, NERC Summit Told
Gas-electric coordination is becoming the “Achille’s heel of the energy transition,” ISO-NE CEO Gordon van Welie told the NERC Reliability Leadership Summit.
Dragos Chief: Pipedream ‘Ominous,’ But Not Overwhelming
Malware discovered this year with the capacity to disrupt operational technology systems must be taken seriously, the head of cybersecurity firm Dragos said.
Dragos: Ransomware ‘More Impactful’ in Q2
Ransomware continues to pose a serious problem for critical infrastructure despite a slight drop in the number of incidents, a new report says.
Dragos Pushes Communication Skills for Cyber Professionals
Representatives from cybersecurity firm Dragos said that communicating the importance of OT security investments to company boards is a major challenge.
Dragos Warns Malware Developers Building Skills Fast
Cybersecurity researchers say a new malware tool shows how quickly the threat community has developed since the relatively crude attacks of just six years ago.
Ralf1969, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Cyberattacks More Likely as Russo-Ukrainian War Continues
Experts warned that growing Russian frustration with the invasion of Ukraine could lead the country to escalate its cyber strategy in unpredictable ways.
Dragos: Electric Industry Cyber Preparations ‘Very Successful’
Cybersecurity firm Dragos spoke positively on the electric industry's cyber protection measures in 2021, but said the threat landscape remains active.

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