May 21, 2024


NERC Expecting Tight Summer Conditions
The ERO says the grid could face challenges during periods of extremely high temperatures this summer.
EIA: Western Hydro Output Hit 22-year Low Last Year
Despite record winter precipitation in California, hydroelectric generation in the Western U.S. fell to a 22-year low in the 2022/23 water year, largely due to drought conditions in Washington and Oregon.
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Western States Agree on Plan to Sustain Colorado River Flows
Governors of California, Arizona and Nevada have agreed to a three-year water conservation plan aimed at protecting the drought-stricken Colorado River system.
SPP Briefs: Week of May 15, 2023
SPP says it expects “normal” summer operations in its balancing authority and reliability coordinator areas this summer, despite a projected drought.
Hydro, New Resources Boost CAISO’s Summer Outlook
CAISO says that 8,100 MW of new resources and California's record snowpack, which is expected to increase hydro generation by 72%, improve its summer forecast.
U.S. Drought Monitor
Wash. Lifts Drought Designations Statewide
Washington state lifted its remaining drought designations because of an unexpectedly cool and wet May and June.
California Department of Water Resources
California Faces Third Straight Drought Year
The latest forecast from the state Department of Water Resources warns Californians to prepare for a third consecutive year of drought because of low snowpack.
Department of Water Resources
Summer Hydro Outlook Iffy in California
A dry January and February are clouding the prospects for hydroelectric generation this summer following two years of severe drought in California.
West Cannot Rely on Imports, WECC Says
The West's reliance on imports could prove problematic during summer heat waves or when hydroelectric generation dries up because of drought, WECC said.
Washington Department of Ecology
Wash. Policy Makers Move to Address Expected Drought
In its upcoming session, Washington lawmakers will likely set up millions in funding to deal with a probable drought in 2022.

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