June 20, 2024


FERC Rebuffs Challenges to PJM Tx Cost Allocation
In a trio of orders, FERC again rejected challenges to PJM’s transmission cost allocation methods in a long-running dispute in New Jersey.
FERC: NYPA Must Pay PJM for Tx Upgrades
FERC dismissed a complaint from the NYPA that alleged it was not responsible for PJM’s charges after a transmission facility relinquished withdrawal rights.
BHI Energy
FERC Rethinking DFAX for Stability Tx Projects
FERC reopened proceedings regarding PJM’s controversial Bergen-Linden Corridor and Artificial Island projects in New Jersey.
FERC OKs Bergen-Linden Cost Allocation; Challenge Possible
FERC approved the cost allocation for projects involved with northern New Jersey’s Bergen-Linden Corridor.
FERC Taking Second Look at Cost Allocation for 2 PJM Projects
FERC issued orders  granting rehearing  to allow it more than 30 days to reconsider complaints that PJM’s use of DFAX is inappropriate for two projects.

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