December 10, 2023


Competitive TOs Push Against PJM Supplementals
Competitive transmission developers made an argument at OPSI’s annual meeting: Supplemental projects undermine regional planning efforts.
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PJM Ponders New Capacity Rules — Again — in 2019
In many ways, PJM's 2018 was much like years before, with capacity and energy market rules under constant redesign. Some stakeholders have grown weary of the churn.
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PJM Seeks to Suspend Task Force in ‘Unprecedented’ Move
PJM staff abruptly ended a meeting of the Transmission Replacement Processes Senior Task Force, saying the group was suspended until FERC action.
Group Contests ‘Supplementals’ Ruling as PJM, TOs Advance
The fight between PJM transmission owners and customers over supplemental projects isn't over yet, despite a FERC order approving the RTO's plan.
AMP Seeks More PJM Scrutiny of TO Projects
American Municipal Power contended that PJM’s limited review of transmission owner projects is not rigorous enough to ensure the RTO is avoiding unnecessary costs.
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PJM, TOs Propose FERC Order 890 Compliance Plan
PJM and its transmission owners released a joint proposal to address FERC’s decision last month that the TOs are not in compliance with FERC Order 890.
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FERC Orders New Rules for Supplemental Tx Projects in PJM
PJM transmission owners’ processes for developing supplemental projects violate FERC Order 890 transparency and coordination requirements, FERC ruled.
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PJM TOs, Customers Await Ruling on Supplemental Projects
How much more information PJM transmission owners will be required to share with transmission customers could be decided at today’s FERC meeting.
PJM TOs, Customers Continue to Clash on Tx Maintenance
Representatives of transmission owners and their customers once again staked their claims at a meeting of the PJM Transmission Replacement Processes Senior Task Force.
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FERC Sides with Incumbent TOs; OKs Limits on Competition
FERC ruled that transmission projects driven by PJM transmission owners' individual planning criteria are exempt from competitive bidding.

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