June 25, 2024


FERC Backtracks on NYISO BSM Exemptions
FERC reversed its decision not to exempt commercial demand response programs from NYISO’s BSM rules.
FERC: NY DR Program Not Exempt from Offer Floor Rule
FERC ruled that some NYISO Demand Response programs are subject to mitigation; Commissioner Glick dissented.
FERC Partly OKs NYISO Mitigation Language
FERC partly accepted NYISO’s compliance filing on buyer-side market power mitigation rules, denying a waiver and rejecting the ISO’s arguments on Tariff language.
NYISO Management Committee Briefs: April 15, 2020
NYISO’s Management Committee saw graphic evidence of how the COVID-19 pandemic response is impacting power demand in New York.
Dominion: FERC MOPR Rulings Inconsistent on Self-supply
Dominion asked FERC to reconsider its conclusion self-supply resources suppress PJM capacity prices, saying it is inconsistent with an exemption in NYISO.
FERC Narrows NYISO Mitigation Exemptions
FERC narrowed the resources exempt from NYISO’s buyer-side market power mitigation rules, ordering the ISO to subject storage and DR to a minimum offer floor.
‘Special Case’ DR Exempted from MOPR in NYISO
FERC granted New York officials’ request to exempt new “special case resources” from buyer-side market power mitigation rules in NYISO.

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