April 15, 2024


FERC Approves MISO Pseudo-tie Proposal
FERC approved Tariff revisions intended to relieve costs for MISO resources pseudo-tying into PJM despite criticism that they didn't go far enough.
MISO, PJM Pursue Pseudo-Tie Double-Charge Relief
MISO and PJM expect to begin implementing a two-part remedy to their double-charging of congestion fees on pseudo-tied generation early next year.
Critics Protest PJM Dynamic Transfers Plan
PJM’s proposal to create standardized contracts for establishing dynamic transfers with other balancing authority areas has provoked opposition.
MISO, PJM Propose Solution to Pseudo-Tie Congestion Problem
MISO and PJM staff proposed a solution to the double counting of congestion for pseudo-tied resources, a fix that could apply to those between MISO and SPP.

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