April 17, 2024

electric school buses (ESBs)

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‘Converting to EVs not Sufficient’ to Reach Climate Goals
Federal and state policy paradigms are moving from a focus on promoting travel in single passenger vehicles to a broader understanding of different modes of mobility.
Valley School District
New Wash. Law Seeks to Accelerate Electric School Bus Adoption

Washington is poised to start phasing in electric school buses after lawmakers approved a bill directing the Department of Ecology to help school districts convert their existing diesel fleets.

NJ Launches Electric School Bus Program With Bidirectional Incentives
New Jersey does not allow electric buses to send electricity directly to the grid, but a program offers up to $50,000 in additional support for projects that use a “vehicle-to-building” strategy.
Popular Incentive Dropped from CARB’s $624M EV Funding Package

The agency approved a $624 million clean transportation incentive funding package but said goodbye to a flagship program that helped consumers buy zero-emission vehicles.

NY Makes Down Payment on School Bus Electrification
New York state has issued the roadmap for its first-in-the-nation school bus electrification program and is preparing to draw the first tranche from a $500 million pot of money to start carrying it out.
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California Makes $150M Available for Zero-emission School Buses
The California Air Resources Board is taking applications for $150 million in state funding to help public school districts purchase zero-emission buses and related infrastructure.
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
NJ To Accelerate RGGI Fund Expenditures
New Jersey has been slow to spend Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative funds since returning to the program but is taking steps to speed up the process.
Township of Woodbridge
NJ Allocates $70M in RGGI Funds for Heavy-duty EVs
New Jersey announced it allocated $70 million in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative funds to purchase school buses and other heavy-duty electric vehicles.
Lion Electric
PG&E to Offer Nation’s First V2G Export Rate
Pacific Gas and Electric received regulatory approval to establish the nation’s first vehicle-to-grid export rates for commercial EVs, including school buses.
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EPA Awards US School Districts Nearly $1B for Clean Buses
EPA on Wednesday announced it is distributing nearly $1 billion in grants to 389 school districts across the U.S. to buy cleaner buses, most of them electric.

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