May 20, 2024

electromagnetic pulse (EMP)

NERC Panel Disbands EMP Working Group, OKs Guidance on Grid-forming Storage

NERC will suspend planning to mitigate the impact of an electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear attack, as industry interest has shifted to other priorities.

Grid Transformation, Cybersecurity Lead 2021 ERO Risk Report
NERC's 2021 ERO Reliability Risk Priorities Report highlights 11 key areas of risk for the electric industry and recommends a host of mitigating activities.
Overheard at ReliabilityFirst’s Annual Meeting 2019
ReliabilityFirst’s annual meeting featured discussions on cybersecurity, GridEx V, electromagnetic pulses and the health of the ERO.
Board Warily Accepts EMP Task Force Report
NERC’s trustees accepted the EMP Task Force's report but did not endorse the panel’s suggestions, saying it will consider them after reviewing comments.
Revised NERC Committee Merger Plan Released
NERC’s Stakeholder Engagement Team has finalized its proposal to merge the Planning, Operating and Critical Infrastructure Protection committees.
Critics: EPRI EMP Report Understates Risks
EPRI's report on EMPs underestimated the risks the grid faces, according to a critique by a little-known group with ties to Maxwell Air Force Base.
NERC Board of Trustees, MRC Briefs: Aug. 14-15, 2019
NERC’s Board of Trustees and MRC held their meetings, with discussions on wireless spectrum, cybersecurity and the EMP Task Force.
Air Force: US Must Take `Higher Ground’ in Space
The U.S. military must place weapons in orbit between the Earth and the moon to defend against adversaries, an Air Force strategist told the EMP Task Force.
EMP Task Force Looks at Black Start, Nukes
NERC’s EMP Task Force held a workshop on black start, the vulnerability of nuclear plants, and skeptics who have criticized EMP research efforts.
NARUC Game Plans for ‘Black Sky’ Event
State regulators considered the impact of a prolonged blackout for about half the country during NARUC’s first-ever “black sky” exercise.

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