June 15, 2024


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Everett LNG Contracts Face Skepticism in DPU Proceedings
Proposed supply agreements between Constellation and Massachusetts gas utilities which would keep the Everett Marine Terminal operating through 2030 are facing pushback from environmental organizations and the Attorney General’s Office.
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Algonquin, Residents Make Final Arguments in Weymouth Hearing
The attorneys representing the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Algonquin Gas Transmission and a group of residents presented final arguments in a department adjudicatory proceeding over the waterways license of the company’s natural gas compressor station in Weymouth.
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Major Changes Ahead for ISO-NE in 2024
ISO-NE enters 2024 with several major projects underway and is grappling with the sweeping changes and long-term uncertainty brought by the clean energy transition.
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Enbridge Announces Project to Increase Northeast Pipeline Capacity
Enbridge is soliciting requests for service as part of a natural gas pipeline expansion project that would significantly increase capacity to the Northeast.
New England’s Gas Industry Frets About Cracks in Electric Side
Gas industry representatives proposed market fixes and upgrading pipeline infrastructure as potential solutions to New England's winter fuel supply concerns.
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FERC Comes to Vermont and Leaves with a New England-sized Headache
Experts, analysts and lobbyists convened with FERC in Vermont to talk about the issues facing New England’s electric grid in the winter.
Overheard: NECA Asks Experts ‘What to Do with All This CO2’
NECA’s Fuels Committee asked experts on carbon capture and sequestration to discuss the technology and its place in the global decarbonization effort.
Everett Chamber of Commerce
New England’s Reliability Debate Bleeds into FERC Compressor Decision
FERC’s Republican minority is arguing that the commission’s recent decision on the Weymouth Compressor Station is leading to uncertainty for gas developers.
Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station
FERC Rejects Calls to Shut Down Weymouth Compressor
FERC said it could not reverse its OK of a controversial compressor station, but Democrats pledged to consider environmental justice in future gas cases.
PennEast Pipeline
PennEast Pipeline Throws in the Towel
Developers of the proposed PennEast natural gas pipeline canceled the project, conceding defeat despite a victory before the U.S. Supreme Court in June.

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