December 3, 2023


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Enbridge Announces Project to Increase Northeast Pipeline Capacity
Enbridge is soliciting requests for service as part of a natural gas pipeline expansion project that would significantly increase capacity to the Northeast.
New England’s Gas Industry Frets About Cracks in Electric Side
Gas industry representatives proposed market fixes and upgrading pipeline infrastructure as potential solutions to New England's winter fuel supply concerns.
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FERC Comes to Vermont and Leaves with a New England-sized Headache
Experts, analysts and lobbyists convened with FERC in Vermont to talk about the issues facing New England’s electric grid in the winter.
Everett Chamber of Commerce
New England’s Reliability Debate Bleeds into FERC Compressor Decision
FERC’s Republican minority is arguing that the commission’s recent decision on the Weymouth Compressor Station is leading to uncertainty for gas developers.
Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station
FERC Rejects Calls to Shut Down Weymouth Compressor
FERC said it could not reverse its OK of a controversial compressor station, but Democrats pledged to consider environmental justice in future gas cases.
PennEast Pipeline
PennEast Pipeline Throws in the Towel
Developers of the proposed PennEast natural gas pipeline canceled the project, conceding defeat despite a victory before the U.S. Supreme Court in June.
Toxin Assessment Renews Environmental Justice Questions at Weymouth Compressor Station
The site of the Weymouth natural gas compressor station previously hosted both a coal facility and a fuel storage tank. 
Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station
Lawsuit Questions Feasibility of Gas Turbine for Enbridge Compressor Station
Enbridge says using a gas-fired turbine for the Weymouth Compressor station is more cost-effective than an electric motor, but stakeholders disagree.
No Line 3 Boston
Non-violent Protesters Occupy Enbridge Regional Office in Massachusetts
Dozens of climate justice advocates in Massachusetts occupied international pipeline company Enbridge’s office in protest of its Line 3 tar sands pipeline.
DC Circuit Remands Pipeline Order on Export Issue
FERC failed to explain how it relied on natural gas exports in approving Nexus' gas pipeline in Ohio and Michigan, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled.

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