April 17, 2024

energy emergency alert (EEA)

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Texas Public Utility Commission Briefs: Dec. 14, 2023
ERCOT shared additional details with Texas regulators regarding the Sept. 6 frequency drop that led to emergency operations for the first time since the disastrous 2021 winter storm.
CAISO DMM: High Exports to Southwest Led to July EEAs
CAISO's Department of Market Monitoring explained that self-scheduled exports to support stressful conditions led to the declaration of emergency alerts in July.
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ERCOT Searching for 3 GW of Winter Capacity
ERCOT surprised market participants with an announcement that it plans to increase operating reserves by requesting an additional 3,000 MW of capacity to shore up the grid for the upcoming winter.
‘Challenging’ Grid Conditions Led to CAISO’s Summer Emergency Alerts

CAISO’s issuance of energy emergency watches and alerts in July came under conditions that mirrored those during California’s September 2022 heatwave.

ERCOT Voltage Drop Leads to EEA Level 2
A drop in voltage forced ERCOT to enter emergency operations for the first time since the disastrous February 2021 winter storm.
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‘Uncertainty’ Prompts CAISO to Declare Another EEA Watch

CAISO declared an EEA watch for a second straight day, citing “uncertainty” about energy supply and load forecasts, transmission constraints and high electricity demand in the Western U.S.

Ramping Shortfall Sparks CAISO’s 1st Summer Emergency
CAISO issued its first energy emergency alert of the summer after falling short on ramping capacity as solar output rolled off its system.  
ERCOT Monitor Recommends New Market Design in Report
ERCOT's Independent Market Monitor’s annual market report recommends resurrecting a multi-interval, real-time design, among other things.
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ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: May 23, 2023
ERCOT staff report designating 19 firm fuel supply service resources after the Legislature passed safeguard bill.
WECC Report Reviews State of the Western Interconnection
Among the topics covered by WECC’s State of the Interconnection report, one subject stands out: the impact of extreme natural events on the Western grid.

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