July 23, 2024

Energy Imbalance Market (EIM)

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Colorado PUC: State Could Save up to $230M in Wholesale Market
A Colorado PUC report found that joining an organized wholesale electricity market could save the state’s utilities $50 million to $230 million annually.
Report: SEEM’s Benefits Beaten by Other Models
According to a new report, the proposed Southeast Energy Exchange Market is outperformed by multiple alternatives in its goals of cost and emissions reduction.
Collaboration, Cultural Shift Key to Utility Transformation
Decarbonizing the U.S. grid will also mean overcoming communities’ aesthetic objections to large projects, Seattle City Light CEO Debra Smith told SEPA.
EIM Governing Body OKs Summer Readiness Measures
The Western Energy Imbalance Market approved two CAISO measures and endorsed a third to improve reliability, mitigate capacity shortfalls.
Industry Leaders Talk Diversity in the West
A discussion on diversity in the energy industry, hosted by CREPC-WIRAB, delved into resource adequacy and the potential for a Western RTO.
Ex-CAISO Board Chair to Retire
David Olsen, who until last month served as chair of the CAISO Board of Governors, plans to retire Nov. 30 after eight years of service.
Heat Waves, Blackouts Slow Western EIM Expansion
Heat waves and capacity shortfalls have slowed an effort by the Western EIM to expand from a real-time interstate trading forum to a day-ahead market.
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CAISO Names Bonneville Power Administrator as New CEO
CAISO named the head of BPA as its new chief Thursday, a move that could help further the expansion of the Western EIM and increase its regional influence.
FERC Ends Idaho Power MBRA Probe
FERC found Idaho Power had satisfied standards for market-based rate authority and terminated a proceeding it had ordered to find out if the utility was exercising market power in its BAA.
Western EIM Governing Body Hears COVID-19 Updates
The pandemic has curtailed electricity demand and made it challenging for new entities to go live with the Western EIM, but recent activations went well.

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